Choosing the Best CDN for Your Online Store: Akamai vs Cloudflare vs CloudFront vs Layer0

A comprehensive guide into popular CDNs for eCommerce websites
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What’s in the ebook?

A quick comparison of Akamai, Cloudflare, CloudFront and Layer0
We take a look under the hood of the leading CDNs and compare their performance, pricing, security and key features.
The inherent speed challenges of eCommerce websites and how to solve them
Database-driven websites see little speed improvement from traditional CDNs, but achieve sub-second speeds on the Layer0.
The reasons that most CDNs don’t speed up eCommerce sites
We explain why a faster internet rarely translates into a speedier online shopping experience.
What do popular CDNs do to make eCommerce sites faster
See how each CDN compares in terms of understanding and caching dynamic content. 
Choosing the Best CDN for Your Online Store
Website speed impacts a retailer’s entire digital strategy, from visibility to traffic to conversions and revenue – essentials to gaining and retaining an advantage within the highly competitive eCommerce space. With the importance of websites speed in mind, we analyzed the mobile Lighthouse Performance Scores for the top 100 internet retailers in the US based on online revenue (IR100).

Store owners turn to CDNs looking for better performance, but the actual gains are not always as impressive as expected—most CDNs are simply not geared towards eCommerce sites and offer little to no speed improvement. 

Layer0 is not just a CDN. It’s the only platform built from the bottom up to solve eCommerce websites’ inherent speed issues—and the only platform which guarantees results. 

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