comprehensive guide to (PWA) Progressive Web App benefits for eCommerce 

Learn how to upgrade your responsive website to a progressive web app (PWA). 
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What’s in the ebook?

How to speed up your web experience
Websites tend to feel slower and clunkier than native apps. PWAs are web apps that are as fast and fluid as a native application.
Drive higher engagement and revenue
Drive higher engagement and revenue through capabilities previously only available to native apps.
Lower the TCO of your Android app
Google has deeply integrated PWAs into the Android ecosystem, to avoid user confusion over two kinds of apps.
Frequently asked questions 
Are PWAs for the mobile web only or the full web? Who else has done this (I don’t want to be the first)?

Upgrade your responsive website with a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Website speed impacts a retailer’s entire digital strategy, from visibility to traffic to conversions and revenue – essentials to gaining and retaining an advantage within the highly competitive eCommerce space. With the importance of websites speed in mind, we analyzed the mobile Lighthouse Performance Scores for the top 100 internet retailers in the US based on online revenue (IR100).
PWAs bring a fast, app-like experience and native app features to the web. 

Mobile web revenue dominates mobile app revenue, with many retailers seeing a 10x difference between the two.

This eBook examines three reasons why you should upgrade your responsive website with a PWA.

The most innovative online businesses are already in the process of implementing, if not at least considering PWA frontends as a replacement for Android apps and responsive websites and, more broadly, to unify their web and app efforts.
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A compresehensive guide to (PWA) Progressive Web App benfits for e-commerce

How to upgrade your responsive website with a progressive web app (PWA)?
Get Your Free Copy of Guide to PWA eBook